The Handsome Dragon Team

Jack Kuskoff

Creative Director

As creative director, I’m all about designing the game itself and keeping everybody in line. My main goals in design are to make solid, well-constructed mechanics, create refreshing player dynamics, and to create truly atmospheric worlds. Previous games I’ve worked on include Prosperity - a resource management game, and Silencing Storm - an action platformer.

You can find my blog here and my LinkedIn here. Want to get in touch? E-mail me at

Corey Underdown

Games Programmer / Tools Programmer

I am a programmer which means I program things. My role includes getting all the mechanics to work, fixing up bugs and writing tools where necessary. My goals for this game is to make sure that everything runs as bug free as possible and to give every aspect of the game polish. Apart from being a programmer, I made this website too. In the past I have worked on Fruitana, a side-scrolling platformer game aimed at a young target audience, Walter’s Wizard Warehouse, a 3d puzzle platformer game and Get Kraken, a tower defence fishing game.

You can find out more about me at here, follow me on twitter @Silcoish or email me:

Callan Syratt

UI Programmer & Public Relations

My primary role is User Interface programming and design. It's my goal to make sure the various menus are functioning smoothly and don't detract from the in-game experience. On the sidelines I manage our social media pages, scheduling and posting new content and replying to comments/e-mails.

You can find my personal site here: or e-mail me at

Sam McLean


Sam McLean is an Australian Composer and Audio Engineer recently graduating from SAE QANTM Brisbane. Born into a family of musicians, he is a multi instrumentalist, proficient in many styles of Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Recorder, Bass, Drums, Vocals and enjoys creating music from instruments that he has built from scrap materials, like his MILO-Tin Banjo. With an eclectic taste and a strong interest in world music, Video Games are the perfect platform for him to express his creativity to its full potential. Sam has performed in Orchestras, Bands and Choirs and was the resident Recording and Mixing Engineer for the Queensland Wind Orchestra in 2015. An avid and enthusiastic gamer, Sam currently holds the world record on the Playstation Network for Geometry Wars - Dimensions Evolved, Level 40 - Eudialyte (Ultimate).